FMA Fundraising Campaign

As we continue to grow Auburn FMA and build out our alumni base, we ask you to give back. Your funding helps to offset our many costs including student training and engagement, annual magazine, alumni events, FMA summit and FMA student scholarship funding


Jenny Herrell

Incoming Summer Analyst at Point 72

“Without FMA and the programs and professional support that it provides, the opportunities I have encountered and the successes of many other students would not be possible. This preparation and commitment to student success extends beyond technical development and professional skills: this organization believes in mentorship and personal development, and its commitment to this cause is embodied in the actions and attitudes of students, alumni, and sponsors."

Michael Parker

Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst at SunTrust

“FMA has been crucial to my personal growth - to be surrounded by such a diverse group and be able to witness everyone’s individual successes. I firmly believe that individuals become the product of the groups they associate with, and there’s nothing better than being a part of such a diverse and high achieving organization. The team prepared me for four IB leadership programs as well as my summer internship. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without FMA and the support it provides.”



Houston Hollis

Incoming Summer Analyst at Oakworth Capital

“Through the preparation and mentoring I underwent during the freshman year of membership, I was able to secure an internship with a leading firm in the financial sphere — a feat many sophomore students in other programs are unable to achieve. I am extremely grateful for the financial support I received through my 2019 FMA scholarship. The funds will support my academic studies and long term goal of working in the financial services industry and being able to give back to the organization that has poured into me.”

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